Help with building a map

VICE project (Hiring)

This is a open world crime game sorta like GTA but no violence or anything that’s in Roblox restrictions.Help need with game.Im hoping the people I choose to help can create and put effort into what’s asked (Sorry if it seems harsh) I’m also needing a team so we can create multiple games but this one is something I have been planning for a year now and worked on the map for 3 months.

Vehicle designer (Blender)

Able to create vehicles in blender you will receive 20% percent of the Robux earned. please send a model of something you made with blender.

please make car mechanics good (optional)


Able to script GUI’s,Vehicle’s,and things that come up receive 25% of profit earned.Please send anything that proves your good a coding.If they vehicle designer doesn’t know how to do car mechanic and if u can you will receive 5% more

Assets (Blender)

Able to create assets for maps such as fences,buildings,and Guns.You will receive 10% of profits earned ( may go up depending on what I need you to do)Please send a Blender model to apply.If needed you will help me with map


Able to animate things like shooting guns,Sitting down, Emotes, and Etc. You will receive a solid 10% simply because it’s the easiest and the most simple thing to do though the whole project.Please send a picture of a animation you made.


I honestly don’t know if I should consider his one job but on behalf or that you are able to make the Game Icon,Loading screen,Screen GUI’s,Billboard GUI’s,and etc this will be a job of patience because there’s a lot of stuff that has to be done before you start making GUI’s and GFX I’m recommending 3 months after I choose team so the GUI’s match with the game you will receive 5% for GUI’s and another 5% for GFX but after you make a certain amount of GFX’s you will not receive any more payments.

Sorry if my prices are off and please tell me if I should change it or keep it the same.I will be making the map I already started on this map.this project will be big and need hard work put in to it I’m simply asking for at least a hour of your time for 5 days a week,You can choose the 5 days that best fits you. Also I may need someone who’s good at GUI’s or GFX if you wanna volunteer please tell me and if you fill like you can’t I can give you 5 percent of the earnings.You will receive your payments every month after release and your revenue depends on how much Robux are earned.

I’m just trying to make a game that is fun

Here’s the map so far


! I sadly don’t do blender, but I can help build. DM me on discord for updated pictures of my work s I don’t have the time to fix my portfolio.

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