Help with building on Blender and publishing to Roblox Studio


I have a Blender installed on Steam, so I’m wondering how to move camera, build anything, etc. I would prefer controls moving camera like Roblox Studio.

How do I do that?

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I don’t use blender, I use cinema 4D but I don’t think you can make most 3d modelling programs move like ROBLOX studio - it’s very hard to get used to the interface but if you spend enough time learning, you will get good at it. Go onto youtube and type beginner tutorials for blender and start with the basics; learning how blenders interface works

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Ok, I’ll try if it’s easy. xD

Thank you.


As for your enquiry with ‘building’ in Blender, I would advise watching this short tutorial as this is what I also used to help me start modelling on Blender, very simple and straight to the point tutorial.

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Search Blender Guru on YouTube he has alot of tutorial for 3D Modeling so I highly recommend watching hes videos he explaines how you do it and all that stuff.