Help With Creating FPS Bots

Hey Everyone, My Name Is Nehoray

I Wanted To Know How To Make Bots In My FPS Game
For Servers Without Enough Players
That Can Shoot, Jump, Reload, And Not Headshot Everyone.
Like In Popular FPS Games
In Short: There Is A Way To Develop AI In Roblox?

Thanks Everyone!.

Unfortunately, there’s probably no one here willing to walk you through probably weeks of working on AI bots. However, AI is possible on Roblox. Pathfinding Service let’s you draw and follow paths for moving agents.

You can read up more about it here:

And yes it’s also possible to make bots that can jump, shoot, reload, etc. It just takes a lot of advanced scripting, which you will have to research on your own.


So We Have Pathfinding = Walk, Jump,
AI = Shoot, Reload, Not Headshot Everyone

Just Need To Link Them Together AI + Pathfinding = :+1:

Oops I forgot to mention jump is included in path finding service. It will tell the humanoid when to jump automatically, so you don’t have to calculate that.