Help with crumbling structure

Hi community.

I am in a bit of a pickle here. I am trying to make a structure that crumbles when destroyed. Even though I have a script to un anchor all parts upon destruction, I think due to the mass of the parts, it usually remains stable.

I try to change its orientation vector3 slightly to lean it and have it tumble but it is usually not working.

I am hoping to give all parts a nudge upon destruction. Like a push from the side or center but I do not know how . . Hoping for your kind advice.

Thank you.

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That’s terrible advice.

@SmeLLyArMpiTsXtra use Part.Velocity with RNG

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Thanks for the comment. Can you kindly show an example? Appreciate it.

I tried using

Part.Velocity = Part.Velocity +, RNG, RNG)

Doesn’t seem to work . . 99% nothing happens except for some weird twitch

Try doing math.random and getting the .unit to get a random direction then multiplying it by a constant magnitude or random if you want

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Thanks for replying. I am very poor at positions. I did read and read the ref but :frowning:

How do I set directions? Like if I want it go front or back or side to the part. I am trying to make blood spatters for a gun script and I am also failing. I can only make the blood spawn and drop to the ground like a cube. But I can’t get it to spatter front or up etc.

Would really appreciate some help. Thank you.

Try looking at the default paintball gun that Roblox gives out. The paintball script works like this, maybe this will help with moving a part in a random direction:

ball = script.Parent
damage = 2

function onTouched(hit)
	local humanoid = hit.Parent:findFirstChild("Humanoid")
	if hit:getMass() < 1.2 * 200 then
		hit.BrickColor = ball.BrickColor
-- Edit: Specifically look here where it makes the Splat of the paint ball which you can replicate for your needs.
	-- make a splat
	for i=1,3 do
		local s ="Part")
		s.Shape = 1 -- block
		s.formFactor = 2 -- plate
		s.Size =,.4,1)
		s.BrickColor = ball.BrickColor
		local v =,1), math.random(0,1), math.random(-1,1))
		s.Velocity = 15 * v
		s.CFrame = + v, v)
		ball.BrickCleanup:clone().Parent = s
		s.BrickCleanup.Disabled = false
		s.Parent = game.Workspace

	if humanoid ~= nil then

	ball.Parent = nil

function tagHumanoid(humanoid)
	-- todo: make tag expire
	local tag = ball:findFirstChild("creator")
	if tag ~= nil then
		local new_tag = tag:clone()
		new_tag.Parent = humanoid

function untagHumanoid(humanoid)
	if humanoid ~= nil then
		local tag = humanoid:findFirstChild("creator")
		if tag ~= nil then
			tag.Parent = nil

connection = ball.Touched:connect(onTouched)

ball.Parent = nil

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