Help with detail and feedback please

I’m currently making a game map for a game called The Crusher. I feel like it’s decent but I know I need to add more details especially on the basketball level. I’ve still got a few details to add on the final floor (clouds and tunnels for the road) but other than that it’s pretty much finished.
Any ideas on what I could improve?

Link: crusher map - Roblox


Anyone got any advice or feedback?


Do you mind including some screenshots of the game?


Personally, I think you should add that missing wall in. it might make it feel complete and add some message that pops up when you die. Music would be good too.

I probably should have made it clearer. The game is already made by someone else. I’m just making a map for it.

Pretty much all the other maps have that wall missing. I think it’s just the style of the maps.

I’ve now completed all of the planned building. Please let me know if anything could be improved.