Help with determining the sides of an object from a script

So I have a script for a FPS game that when glass is shot, it spawns a couple smaller glass pieces that get pushed in the opposite direction of the player. But what I need to know is if and/or how I can get the each side of the glass piece to give me parameters to spawn the glass pieces. What I want from each side is to know which plane it is on.

Here’s an example in case I wasn’t clear.
glass example

Are you going to be using raycasting for this? If so then you will want the Normal property of the RaycastResult returned from WorldRoot:Raycast

But how could I use that to get the length/plane of each side?

You could get the faces of each side, the front , the left, the right, the bottom

once you get the surface normal you now know the side your gonna be working with,0,1),0,0),1,0),0,0),-1,0),0,-1)

I think these might be the surface normal values