Help with duplicating two times

Hello I need help with duplicating a tool twice into my backpack.
This is my script and I need help duplicating twice.
Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 2.40.41 PM

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Try calling :Clone() from within your MouseClick event function as opposed to assigning it as a variable. Since you have it as a variable, the same object will be used each time some one clicks on the ClickDetector, no new objects will be created after the variable assignment.

Basically just move your cl variable declaration in the scope of your MouseClick function.

create another variable which is gonna be like ur normal script but add this:

local One = script.Parent.Parent.One
local Two = script.Parent.Parent.Two
local cl = game.ReplicatedStorage.Wheat:clone()
local cl2 = game.ReplicatedStorage.Wheat:clone()

      local Par = plr.Name
      One.Decal1.Transparency = 1
      One.Decal2.Transparency = 1
      Two.Decal1.Transparency = 1
      Two.Decal2.Transparency = 1
      script.Parent.ClickDetector.MaxAcitvationDistance = 0
      cl.Parent = game.Players:FindFirstChild(Par).Backpack
      cl2.Parent = game.Players:FindFirstChild(Par).Backpack
      script.Parent.Plant.Disabled = false
      script.Disabled = true

The script posted above basically adds a second variable which is “cl2”:

local cl2 = game.Replicated.Storage.Wheat:clone()

And just inserts it again into ur inventory.

cl2.Parent = game.Players:FindFirstChild(Par).Backpack