Help with faded-out icons in Roblox Studio

Whenever I attempt to insert a child into any parent, the icons are faded for some reason, and I think it may be the reason why none of them are working for me. Please help me out?

P.S. I can’t get a screenshot because the tab list cancels out when I open snipping tool or any screenshotting programs, etc.

P.S.S Sorry, I accidentally hit the wrong category to post this in but at least its similar, as it has to do with scripts as well.

The problem still occurring, help please?

I dont understand your problem. What icons? Do you mean gui icons or the icons of objects in explorer? There is not much we can do if you dont provide screenshots and elaborate on your issue in details

we need screenshots to see the problem else this problem is your headache

And what do you mean when you say they are not working for you?