Help with game revenue and performance from ads


For reference in this post, here is my game: ⚔️ Underground Wars ⛏️ - Roblox

I have recently just launched $200 USD into Ads and have gotten a about what I expected regarding player base. My issue is, I cannot afford to keep throwing this much money at the ad market. I have a few gamepasses and a developer product, but have not had any purchases in over twenty-four hours.

Can someone provide me some feedback of any sort? How to make the game more entertaining? How to be more effective with products to reinvest into advertisements? Is this one of those situations where you need to sink 50k+ into ads to establish a player base before you can get reliable statistics?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The place has a little over 900 visits, and you spent 200 USD? That doesn’t sound right. There might be a problem with the ad CTR.

The image and thumbnail look kind of bland and uninteresting to me. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to consult Art Design Support. The talented artists there can articulate what exactly is wrong with the images.

The game might also have some problems. Everything is frustratingly slow. The animations are slow, digging tunnels is slow, lack of satisfying audio & visual feedback, and there’s a clear lack of polish in every area (sorry if it sounds harsh, it’s just my opinion).

It shouldn’t take more than 5k to get a small playerbase started. But that assumes the game, metadata, and marketing are good.


Thank you for your feedback, I genuinely appreciate it!

My fault for not mentioning, the ads are still running and have less than half of their time remaining. It appears that my CTR is only 0.45%. What CTR is an ideal and realistic goal?

I agree with you regarding the thumbnail. I’ll reach out in that other category for some suggestions, that’s a great idea that I didn’t even think of.

Regarding the game, I understand what you mean, which somewhat saddens me, but it’s the honest truth. Fortunately, I do still have hope that there are things that can be implemented to improve the game quite a bit. I’ve already taken in your feedback and implemented a notification system (with sound), the ability to find things in the dirt, and a digging sound. - Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

Do you have any other feature suggestions that would be more appealing? I’ve thought about background music, but I don’t really know where to go with this. I would also be interested in having a conversation on Discord as I see you’ve had quite the place visits and must know a thing or two. If you’re willing, my handle is wattleman#6025.

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I’ve since updated the game again, completely revamped the map, added sounds/music, and some global leaderboard statistics. Below is my average visit length (not sure what this indicates really)

Does anyone else have any feedback for me? I’d like to invest more money into advertising now that I’ve made changes, but I worry that it’s still not ready and I’ll end up wasting my money again.

I would recommend looking to get some social media presence, discord, youtube, tiktok, twitter and such can do wonders for your game’s reach and probably, even more than roblox advertisements. You should look into working on that as it could help alot.

As for feedback on the game itself, havent played it so i cant be of much help there, sorry.

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Also about the graph, i believe it shows that your most consistent average playerbase spikes are around 6am to 9am then picks back up around 11am to 1pm and then goes low, and picks back up from 7pm to midnight or 1 past midnight, with tablets and computer being the most used devices. That can be helpful to know when to make some ads, using roblox or external social media comms.