Help with GUIs ( Remote Events ) [ I need Help ]

I need help with activating “guis” with remote events. And without the player having to touch a block or something like that

Could you explain a little deeper?

Are you trying to have a Remote Event Fire when the player clicks a Gui button?

No need to have a gui button, and that is for all clients, that is (FireAllClients)

That with the script just put

“game.replicatedstorage.remoteevent: FireAllCliets ()”

Still not following
Are you trying to make a Gui button?
Are you trying to have a button when its clicked Fire all Clients?
Are you trying to have a button that shows up for every player?

Sorry im really lost here

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Hmm basically, is there a way to activate gui without requiring the player to press a gui button. or touch a block ?.

Ah ok
I don’t know if this is what you want but the player can activate stuff by pressing a Button on the Keyboard(or mouse) using UserInputService


yes yes yes, thanks!,That if it can work for me I think