Help with having an eye that tracks player movement

So what im trying to do is a eye that catches the player movement and makes what we call the eye-tracking

The problem so far is that I can’t do the right calculus to reach into this type of tracking and Im on wonder if ya’ll could help me

So far what I’ve tryed… Not really that much on searching (Because when I tryed I kinda dint find anything) but by myself i’ve been trying do to alot of different tests to see if i could reach into it

Here is some of the script i’ve been doing.

local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")

local Npc = script.Parent
local HumanoidRootPart = Npc:WaitForChild("HumanoidRootPart")
local Face = Npc:WaitForChild("Face")

local WhiteEye = Face:WaitForChild("WhiteEye")
local LeftOcular = WhiteEye:WaitForChild("LeftEye")
local LFkOcular = WhiteEye:WaitForChild("LFakeEye")

local NpcToCharacter
local Radius = 1

local OldOrientation
local OldPlrPosition
local OldPosition
local lookVector

local CurrentSubject
local DetectorName = "PlayerDetector"

local random =

	if CurrentSubject then
		OldOrientation = LeftOcular.Orientation
		NpcToCharacter = (LeftOcular.Position - CurrentSubject:WaitForChild("Head").Position).Unit
		local NpcLook = Face.CFrame.LookVector

		local DotProduct = NpcToCharacter:Dot(NpcLook)
		-- try to maintain eye contact with the player without having to move the line that makes it
		-- Use the Scale that's the opposite of it to move ?
		if DotProduct <= Radius and OldPlrPosition ~= DotProduct then
			OldPlrPosition = DotProduct
			if NpcToCharacter.X == DotProduct then
				LeftOcular.Position =, LeftOcular.Position.Y, LFkOcular.Position.Z + DotProduct / 2)
			elseif NpcToCharacter.Z == DotProduct then
				LeftOcular.Position =, LeftOcular.Position.Y, LFkOcular.Position.X + DotProduct)
				LeftOcular.Position =, LFkOcular.Position.X + DotProduct, LeftOcular.Position.Z)
			LeftOcular.Orientation = OldOrientation

What I ask is just if there’s a theory that could help me or some type of Math Formula that could help me getting into it atleast

And It’s okay if you can’t help, the intention is the one that matters!

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You are trying to change the Position, not the Orientation, of the LeftOcular.
Try this tutorial CFrames | Roblox Creator Documentation and look at the ‘Facing toward a point’ section.

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Oh I putted the Orientation due to it automatically being erased when I put the position (Mine studio kinda bugged tbh)

And yeah I know that too!

You would need both the Position as well as the Orientation if you CFrame the Part.

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