Help with improving enemy movement for tower defense game

Hello working on a tower defense game and I finished with my enemy code, but it’s pretty scuffed so looking to get help with improving it mostly just the movement part since it’s a bit wack.

For the movement, I decided to not manually set up nodes for maps since I was lazy and felt like it would be better anyways to make it so it automatically makes the nodes so all I need to do is make a map and then it just works, but I don’t think my math for this is good and I also don’t know if MoveTo is the best choice since it doesn’t seem to be accurate the enemies don’t walk all the way to the node.

	local self = {}
	local lastPos = nil

	--warn("Creating Enemy")

	self.model = model:Clone()
	self.Humanoid = self.model.Humanoid 
	self.HumanoidRootPart = self.model.HumanoidRootPart
	self.damage = damage

	self.model.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = map.Start.CFrame
	self.model.Parent = workspace.Game.Enemies 
	self.Humanoid.WalkSpeed = speed


	--warn("Created Enemy")

	--uses math because I was to lazy to setup nodes manually
	for i = 1,#paths:GetChildren() do 
		local position = (paths[i].CFrame *[i].Size.X/2)+offset,0,0)).p --default position

		--because my math sucks (the position variable) doing this which just sets the position to the other end of the path
		--(so I don't have to manually rotate the path)
		--only downside is I can't have short paths (I don't th
		if lastPos then 
			local distance = (lastPos-position).Magnitude
			if distance < 5 then
				position = (paths[i].CFrame *[i].Size.X/2)-offset,0,0)).p --set the position to the otherside of the path
		--if the path is roated then it's probably a ramp so
		--set the node to the next paths start side so that the enemies can go all the way up the ramp
		if (paths[i].Orientation ==,0,-15)) or (paths[i].Orientation ==,0,15)) then 
			position = (paths[i+1].CFrame *[i+1].Size.X/2)-offset,0,0)).p

		lastPos = position

		--visualize node (debug)
		--local part ="Part") 
		--part.Size =,0.5,0.5)
		--part.Parent = workspace
		--part.CanCollide = false 
		--part.Anchored = true
		--part.Position = position +,paths[i].Size.Y/2 + part.Size.Y/2)

		--finally move the enemy

	--reached the end so do damage and stuff
	local GameManagerModule = require(SSS.Server.GameManager)	
	local gameInstance = GameManagerModule:GetGame()
	gameInstance:TakeDamage(self.damage) --deal damage to the tower
	gameInstance.enemiesLeft -= 1

	return setmetatable(self,Enemy)