Help with jump script

Hi there, I’m having trouble with this script, I don’t know the problem but it won’t work. It would be great if you could help me out here! Thanks

local function Jump(Button, jump)

	if JumpEnabled and math.abs(Board.Velocity.Y) < 5 then
		JumpEnabled = false
		SetAnimation("Stop", {Animation = GetAnimation("BoardKick")})
		SetAnimation("Stop", {Animation = GetAnimation("LeftTurn"), FadeTime = 0.5})
		SetAnimation("Stop", {Animation = GetAnimation("RightTurn"), FadeTime = 0.5})
		SetAnimation("Play", {Animation = GetAnimation("Ollie"), FadeTime = 0, Weight = 1, Speed = 4})
		Board.StickyWheels = false
		Board:ApplySpecificImpulse(, 45, 0))
		OllieThrust.force =, 45, 0)
		delay(0.1, function()
			if OllieThrust then
				OllieThrust.force =, 0, 0)
		Board.StickyWheels = true


What is exactly not working? Please be more descriptive.

So basically when the play jumps it should make the player ollie instead nothing happens. I figured out that when the player jumps the function doesn’t detect it. A thing that’s weird is it works on a different game with the same settings.