Help With Lighting Problems

I Am Trying To Make It So The Lighting Does Not Only Highlight 1 Wall and none of the others.

i am on future lighting and i’m trying to make a flashlight, the lighting is too intense on the wall you’re facing and it does not go on any of the other walls the light. The reflections are too much, i tried making the material fabric and slapping a texture on it and it just does not look as good.

Video: Video

Lighting Settings:image


Try to make brightness from 2 to 1 - 0.4
(Not sure if it works but try) Or scale down range to 10-20

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Recommend to use 1 brightness and 20 range

I Tried That Still Does Not Fix The Problem

Also Keep in mind the walls Are Grey and The Lighting Is Future

More Visible Demo: You see how the back Is A neon Material And the rest is very dim

I am not an expert with future lighting at all, but you could try using two lights, one for the brighter central beam and another with a wide angle and less brightness; this other light would probably help light up the surrounding walls. Lowering the brightness should also lessen the reflections you don’t want.

Hmm, will try this out Give me a second

Also You See in the Post Above you how it only shines on 1 wall

Sadly This Did Not Work, I Cannot Figure This Out :mad:

I Just Threw Away Future Lighting And Just Created The Flashlight Effect with Ui, Still open to any Fixes

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