Help with "loadout" script

I have a server script, that checks if the player is in the group and then gives them the correct loadout according to their rank.

I don’t really mind all of the scripting, i find it quite easy to change.
The script is a server script in “ServerScriptService”

I am wondering on how to make it so if the player is in ANOTHER group as well as the main group (because the group has regiments) and it skips the main function.

The current code works fine, just wanting to know how i would do a “regiment” system.

You can add on an and to each if statement (and each else if statement) and just do the same line of code as before, however put in the other group ID. You’re gonna want to make another variable for the new group ID though.

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I’m not really sure how i would do this.
Added another variable

Is there an easier way of doing this?

You can make an array of the group ids and then check if the player is in both groups and then run your code

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