Help with Low Graphics for my game

hello, im making a really detailed horror game and when turned onto low graphics the textures disappear and it looks super bad, im planning to make it where if you turn your graphics down the lighting, and the PBR Textures turn into Decals so they still show up and the game still looks somewhat decent, how would i make this without lag? and where they can switch back to high graphics? so how would i hide all these blocks without deleting them to cause less lag?

Photos of High and Low Graphics.

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Hey… Do you know atleast how to check user graphics? If you don’t know i can explain you.

yeap i know how to do that, saw a dev forum post about it

Did you try parenting these objects to ReplicatedStorage or something else?

nope, im wondering tho, if i transparency 1 a PBR texture or a SurfaceTexture, will that reduce the lag? or would i have to delete the texture to reduce the lag

There’s many ways, try these for now. As i know if you disable something like transparency it will not cause lag.