Help with making a Whitelist GUI

I’m making a whitelist gui that you can list players on it.
It basically whitelist people from entering a room.
Is there any possible way to do it? I would like your help!


You can make it so that it uses userid of a player and make it so that when the door gets touched, check if that player is whitelisted and let them in, or you can use group collisions filtering.


Okay, I’m gonna try it. Just a little bit of scripting…

I would suggest using a data store to store who can enter. It may be harder to script but it would be harder to add more people to that room.

here is an example of how this can be made:

local whitelist = {1,2785536} -- UserIds of the whitelisted players

	if table.find(whitelist,plr.UserId) then
		local guiToClone =
		guiToClone.Parent = plr.PlayerGui