Help with me GUI

So I’ve made my first ever GUI Design, and I need help with: Making the backround transparent, adding guns and Scripting it, I mean, if you are a Scripter that could do that, PM me so we can talk and you could help (I’ll pay)

So, this is what I wanted to make:

So I wanted to add a lot of guns and adding Ammo, and like make the health, to be Green when it is 100, make it yellow if it is 60 percent, and make it red if it is 30 percent, Idk how to make that, and in guns, I wanted to add guns, different guns, different ammo, and to be scripted, but Idk how to do that nether,
And this is what I made:

So I kinda want it to be Transparent, and tell me how to change the colours on the health, and how to change guns, for the rest that needs scripted, I might Contact a Scripter that could script that…


So your UI doesn’t seem to be transparent. What you need to do is edit your image in then magic wand and CTRL+X all the spots you want to be transparent. Then re-upload it then depending on if you made the UI a button or an image you need to go into properties then edit BackgroundTransparency to 1 that should make it transparent then.

Let me know if you have further questions


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One problem, so, In roblox if I clik in setting the transparency to 0, it goes the GUI transparent, not the Frame, do I change the transparency in or roblox?

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So you need to make parts of your image transparent in it should look like this.

Then you need to upload your image into the game and specifically use the background transparency in your UI:
So if your image is transparent then you can use the background transparency to make the transparent part of the image transparent. So it pretty simple two step process.