Help with murder-related stories and moderation

Hello guys! I’m working in a history singleplayer game that will talk about a guy moving to a house where a murder happened. But my fear is that roblox moderates this place for being “too violent”. I have no idea how it works, I will not put anything graphic or anything that can be disturbing, this is just the backstorie of the game. I play roblox for 8 years, And I always wanted to make a game that talked about a more serious story. But I’m afraid of putting effort in something just to it to be banned for not being family friendly. So basically, I would like to know, there’s possible a problem in making a game like it?

Considering you can murder people in about a quarter exaggerationof Roblox games, I’m gonna guess simply talking about a murder is fine.

I think you’d be fine to go ahead, Phantom Forces is a ‘violent’ game due to blood and hasn’t been taken down. Along with Roses, high detail demon horror story. Not to mention games with dialogue that have mild profanity. You’re good dude.

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If your blood is not “oh my gosh that’s real blood, and those are actual intenstines.” and theres no swearing, you know, you’re fine bro.

Context is important. I do not at all recommend taking advice from current (above) or future posts justifying that this is okay based on the fact that other violent games exist on the platform. It’s terrible advice and doesn’t guarantee that the other game in mention isn’t breaking the rules.

That being said, it’s important to know exactly what you want to convey in your game such as the quotes you’re going to be using. Roblox is primarily against overly violent and dark content. In your case it appears to be that murder is only a passing mention but you aren’t describing or showing anything grotesque. Your circumstance should be alright but tread with caution.

Alternatively if you’re afraid that directly talking about murder might result in moderation crackdown opt for more lighthearted or ambiguous wording such as “passed away”.

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