Help With My Dragging Part System

I am trying to make a simple part dragging system. I have already made the system but there is one major bug; when the player dies the dragging system seems to stop working.
here is what I mean: Dragging system help - YouTube
(I made the video on an alt)
here is the place
Dragging testing - Roblox

please help in anyway you can. Thanks in advance :wink: -Qbizh

I think it has something to do with your declaration of the char variable. When you die, there is no longer a reference to your character because it only searched the workspace once for that instance. Now that it’s gone, there is no instance for char (its nil now) anymore and the script doesn’t continue functioning. You could always replace char with a check that says if game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character then or something of the sort.

Thank you so much I would have never caught that I will try it out tomorrow