Help With NPC for Line System

Hello! I am making a Roblox game with a food ordering system similar to Welcome to Bloxburg. I have created a line where NPCs wait until the cashier can take their order. I want to implement a system using indexing where when the NPC reaches the front of the line, a function will fire, and there will be a request for what the NPC wants to order. The problem is I am using a while loop, and I don’t know how to index the NPC in the front of the line without constantly firing the event over and over again. I had an idea of firing the table every time the NPC in the front of the line changed, but I don’t know how I would do this. Are there any approaches that I can take to complete my goals? Thank you. :smile:


-- services
local ServerStorage = game:GetService("ServerStorage")

-- folders
local npcs = ServerStorage:WaitForChild("NPCS")
local npcsChildren = npcs:GetChildren()

local lineParts = workspace:WaitForChild("LineParts")
local linePartsChildren = lineParts:GetChildren()

local lastNpc = tick()
local npcWaitTime = 5

local customerLine = {}

-- functions
function randomNpc()
	local randomNpc = math.random(1, #npcsChildren)
	local chosenNpc = npcsChildren[randomNpc]:Clone()
	chosenNpc.Parent = workspace

	return chosenNpc

function findIndexInLine(chosenNpc)
	local indexInLine = table.find(customerLine, chosenNpc)
	return indexInLine

function moveNPC(chosenNpc)
	local positionInLine = findIndexInLine(chosenNpc)
	local chosenLinePart = linePartsChildren[positionInLine]


function spawnNPC()
	local newNpc = randomNpc()
	table.insert(customerLine, newNpc)

while wait() do
	for i = #customerLine, 1, -1 do
		local customer = customerLine[i]
		if customer == nil or customer.Parent == nil or customer.Humanoid.Health <= 0 then
			table.remove(customerLine, i)
	for i, npc in pairs(customerLine) do
	if #customerLine < #linePartsChildren and tick() - lastNpc >= npcWaitTime then
		lastNpc = tick()

Why not use a Part in front of the cashier with a Touched event? You can then check to see what Humanoid touched the Part and make that Humanoid first in line so it can ‘order’.
When the NPC moves and the touchended event fires you can then wait for the next Touched event to start it over again with the next NPC.