Help with OOP Tools

I’m using OOP to make tools and I have a problem. I can’t think of a good way to detect the client’s input, or a way to load and play animations.

local ToolClass = {}
ToolClass.__index = ToolClass

local function NewEvent(eventName)
	local Event ="BindableEvent")
	Event.Name = eventName
	return Event

function, name, animationList)
	local self = setmetatable({}, ToolClass)
	self.Owner = owner
	self.Model = ToolModels:FindFirstChild(name):Clone()
	self.Name = name
	self.IsEquipped = false
	self.AnimationList = animationList or require(AnimationLists:FindFirstChild(self.Model.Name))

	self.Equipped = NewEvent("Equipped")
	self.Unequipped = NewEvent("Unequipped")
	self.Activated = NewEvent("Activated")
	return self

If you don’t want to use the standard UIS method, you could probably make a workaround with ContextActionService. You could bind the key which equips the tool to trigger an :equipped method, which uses UIS.