Help with Opinion system in my game?

So in my game there is an Opinion system I use for the NPCs to make the environment more alive. If the NPC has a bad opinion of you, they go to fight you and if they have a good opinion of you, they help you fight. I’ve got the system all done and working but I’m not sure how I would indicate to the player how each NPC feels about the player because currently it is hard to tell. Any suggestions would be nice, thanks!

Cool idea! From what I understood, you could have a GUI appear above their head with an emoji displaying their opinion.

For example, a green face could mean a positive opinion, a yellow face could mean a medium opinion, and a red could mean a negative opinion.

Hopefully this helps! :smile:

I’m just going to take an example from a game called SimCity 2013:

(Credit to YouTuber The Spiffing Brit for this image)

In the video this was taken from (where he showed an exploit to have happy citizens without power or water), the YouTuber has just placed a Nissan Leaf Charging Station (this is an EA game after all), and raised his citizens’ happiness. The system used to display this was what caught my attention.

So what I would suggest is when you enter the room the NPC is in, it will show an icon that shows an approximation of how loyal they are. Any action that increases or decreases the loyalty will trigger an icon as well.

Hope this helped!

I think this is a great idea. Reputation systems add consequences to your actions, so players cant go around and slaughter NPCs for loot and such. One way I would implement this is by giving each ‘bad’ action a defined value for how much reputation, e.g. Stealing gives -5 reputation, murder gives -80 reputation, attacking someone gives - 15 reputation, and so on. Reputation could then be rewarded through quests and such, and a players reputation value can be used to determine how much a merchant will sell an item to a player for (negative rep = more costs, positive rep = discounts), as well as having other implications.

Hope this helps!

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