Help with Particle Emitter

I need help with the particle emitter. How do I make it look like this?
The reference:

Here is the result:

My Code:
Its a local script

elseif Type == "EmitParticle" then
        local ClickParticle = HumanoidRootPart:FindFirstChild("ClickParticle")
        if not ClickParticle then
            ClickParticle = script.ClickParticle:Clone()
            ClickParticle.Parent = HumanoidRootPart
        ClickParticle.Size ={
  , 0.5),
  , 0.1),
        local randomColors = rainbowColors[math.random(1, #rainbowColors)]
        ClickParticle.Color =
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You don’t seem to have set the properties of a Particle Emitter that control the speed and direction of the particles. You can find all the properties here.

In order to replicate the effects of the reference video, you would probably need to set the Speed of the particles to a very low number.