Help with plot and story within an MMORPG

I’m currently designing and overseeing development of an open-world action RPG. For context of the setting and backstory it takes place in, the world is a corrupt fantasy like land. A village summoned a mythical being that promised great power, only to find out its façade and true nature of misery and destruction. This caused the world to be a very magical but dangerous land.

I did come up with a story, however I deemed it as too dark and somber for the average ROBLOX user.

It starts with a cutscene from the POV of the player in a mental hospital falling asleep with many patients around him, and then a voice line will play saying “Wake up”. The player wakes up in the corrupt dystopian world in his village that is being burned down by mercenaries. Once the fire is put out, he realizes that all his villagers have been captured by an evil empire that is gaining control of the entire country, he decides to go on a quest to save his villagers. At the end of the game when it looks like the player won, it cuts to a cutscene where the player wakes up in the mental hospital, where he looks around while nearly all the patients around him are gone. Signifying that the entire world he adventured through was a figment of his imagination and that his friends that went missing in the dream were the patients recovering and being let out. Then once the screen turns dark, a voice line will play saying “He was pronounced mentally insane, and he never got to see the outside world ever again”

If you guys can help, that would be great. If nothing needs to be changed, just like this post.

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Thats actually a very solid idea, I really like it and its very unique too

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