Help with Round System


I am trying to make a round system with a random map selector but everytime I try this I always get this error:


Here is the script:

local Status = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").RoundFolder.Status

local CurrentMap = game.Workspace.CurrentMap
local MusicFolder = game.Workspace.Music

local IntermissionMusic = MusicFolder.Intermission:GetChildren()
local RoundMusic = MusicFolder.Round:GetChildren()

local IntermissionTime = 20
local RoundTime = 90

local function RunRound()
	-- Intermission
	while wait() do
		for i = IntermissionTime, 1, -1 do
			Status.Value = "Intermission (" .. i .. ")"
		print("Intermission Ended!")

		Status.Value = "Choosing Map..."
		-- Map Selector
		local Maps = game:GetService("ServerStorage").Maps
		local ChosenMap = Maps[math.random(1, #Maps)]
		local MapClone = ChosenMap:Clone()
		MapClone.Parent = workspace


I was trying to follow a tutorial to see what they did to compare to what I did, it looked just like mine but theirs worked, I tried looking but I couldn’t find anything wrong.

What is the value of could you say it please?

Change it into:

local Maps = game:GetService("ServerStorage").Maps:GetChildren()
local ChosenMap = Maps[math.random(1, #Maps)]

Maps represent an instance [ prob a model/folder].
math.random requires 2 numbers, in this case we want 1 [minimum] and the total number of maps [ so we use #Maps, Maps has to be a table.