Help with scalable parts

Hi guys I need some help,
I have a ladder here with the pieces called ‘Truss’, how can I make it so that when the player collides with these pieces he can only climb the ladder?

What do you mean “only climb the ladder”? A truss should also automatically trigger default climbing.

Like, I disabled autoscaling in the game, so I wanted to make it so that when the player touches the chosen parts he can scale them

I don’t believe there’s a way to make one part exclusive, but you could just enable it on touch until no longer touching it.

How can I do this, I’m new to RS.

How to check if I’m colliding with the parts

You can use the Touched event, probably with the HumanoidRootPart.

Alternatively, you could use the new OverlapParam stuff, but unless you’re needing precise collision detection, then the base touch event should work fine. I’d actually use Overlap to check when no longer touching. For that, I would use GetPartsInPart using the HumanoidRootPart again.

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