Help with Scripting ProximityPrompt Team change using in-game currency

So I’m trying to make ProximityPrompt Team Change but you need to pay In-game cash if you want to be in that team but I have no idea on how to make it cause I’m not experienced on this can someone help

– My cash script
– My game proximityprompt team change

Also if you are good scripter and want to help me for free just tell me


When the proximity prompt is activated, use this code in the function:

local cost = 200 --Price to join team
if player.leaderstats.Cash.Value >= cost then
player.leaderstats.Cash.Value = player.leaderstats.Cash.Value - cost
player.Team = game.Teams.Monke
player:LoadCharacter() --Respawn them after they join the team

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Hey, Prompts have a Triggered event that can be used when triggered. Also comes with a player parameter for the player that activated the prompt.

--code from the API reference
    --you can switch the players team here and check their money by using the player parameter 

Heres the docs (and tutorial):
Implementing Proximity Prompts (
ProximityPrompt (

And on how to change teams:

--just set the players team to the teams instance
player.Team = TeamInstance
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Thanks for helping, also do I put the script inside ProximityPrompt?

Thanks man, for helping me I was confuse and asking some friend before

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YOu can put the script anywhere. It just has to inside the function that will detect if the proximity prompt is activated/triggered.

Nope, sorry. Own a development group and am updating games and also making a horror game.

What kind of horror game, sorry for asking I kinda like horror game and I have one before

This is off topic so let me send you a message.

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