Help with scripting work pricing

How much would you pay for a Third Person Shooter controller? Essentially like GTA - over the shoulder view/controls + gun mechanics. Preferably in USD.


IMO, there are so many Camera Manipulation plugins/modules out there that can be used to accomplish this. There would be no reason to pay someone to make this.

Not trying to be aggressive or “mean”, just my opinion

Personally, it would depend on my budget and how much I’m willing to give. Who else needs to be paid, is it (the price) fair to them and myself, what is the quality of it (the thing I am purchasing) and does it fulfill my needs…

Go to #public-collaboration, ask there.

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At most, I would pay something like 500 robux. I don’t think it’s even worth trying to get USD for it as the amount you would get (applying devex rates and in relation to the amount I would pay) is very low.

mind to show a video that shows all the feature ? gun mechanics seems very vague to me, it depend if it support animations or any additional content in your framework, moreover if the minor behavior changes exists or not, such as recoil, jump, switching weapons, melee, aim, accessory attachment, etc…

In my opinion, that’s up to you, how comfortable you are with scripting it, and the difficulty it is, for you at least. Also considering things such as the time put in.

it depends on how good you want it to be,i would prefer robux though

This thread belongs in #development-discussion. You can also place it in #development-support:game-design-support though discussing work pricing isn’t quite design.

Frankly, the information provided in this thread is too vague to give an actual answer. Pay doesn’t work by concept, you have to actually flesh out the ideas you want and go from there. A generic concept like “third person with guns” is difficult to determine a range for, since it could be anything low or something high.

Make sure you know what you want first. That is the utmost thing you need to come up with before you start moving to any other topics. I’d argue that financial concerns are something you shouldn’t be considering this early into the game: develop your ideas first, then roll with pricing.