Help with serverside anti FE god module

So while developing an anti-cheat I noticed that when the FE god script (removes humanoid and adds a local one) is triggered it does something weird to all body welds serverside. I wanted to use this to my advantage. I originally thought it would just break all joints but it does not do that. If the player dies right now he gets kicked! And when I execute an FE god script through the command line it does nothing.

This is my current server script:

		while wait(0.5) do
			local antiFeGodWeld = char.Head:FindFirstChild("PartWeld")
			if not antiFeGodWeld then
				plr:Kick('\n HAMMER automatically kicked you for: \n \n "Using Exploits (FE GOD)" \n \n If you think this is a false kick then please contact the game creator.')

In my setup when the weld gets destroyed, it would kick you. Weld is shown in the picture.

I do not know any other way of detecting FE god serverside!

This can easily be bypassed by exploiters, sure this would prevent script kiddies that dont know how to write their own code but this will certainly not prevent the ones who know how to bypass such anti-cheats.

It’s more of a waste of time and you’re better off not making an anti cheat SPECIFICALLY for god commands. The most you can really do in this situation is moderate exploiters with your own set of mods/admins and making secure/protected scripts.

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