Help with size comparisons

see, what i want to do is see if something is greater than ANY one of the size values of a part
that makes no sense at all so let me give an example

if n > part.Size then

lets say that part.size in our case is (2,4,3)
what i want to do is see if it is greater than the biggest number out of those, so the 4

how would i do this?

if n > Part.Size.X or n > Part.Size.Y or n > Part.Size.Z then
if Number > math.max(part.Size.X, part.Size.Y, part.Size.Z) then
    --some code

or if you use a function

function GetAxis(Size)
    return Size.X, Size.Y, Size.Z

if Number > math.max(GetAxis(part.Size)) then
    --some code

is there a not a better way to do this…? i mean like an easier to read way

This is the most simple way to read.