Help with sponsoring

Hello, i’m currently a solo developer for the following game Regrouping: Regrouping [BETA] - Roblox
I want some help with sponsorship since i have never sponsored, my budget currently is 4k and for the first few days i plan to play everyday and host events so the users can keep joining back. The issue is i dont know what to sponsor on. What age do i choose? What platform do i choose? What should the duration be?

It would be best if you included all ages and all platforms (that are supported of course). Since you plan to host events, I assume that you will be using the chat system frequently. Keep in mind that console players do not have access to this, so they will be unable to receive or send any messages.

By the looks of it, your game heavily relies on multiple players for the maximum experience. I would highly recommend commissioning and saving up your ROBUX before sponsoring as R$4K is just simply not enough.

Honestly i have no other way to get more robux, im relying on this 4k with ingame events (such as for example admins vs players where the players get high gear and try to defeat a fully armed juggernaut) or some cash giveaways, etc