Help with sun glare in studio

Does anyone know how to get rid of the default sun glare in Roblox Studio? Like if you just open up a baseplate you can see the glare on it from the sun.

  • Create a SkyBox Object in the Lighting

  • Change the SunTextureID to a random invalid string lol

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Look under lighting in the explorer tab and search for “SunRays”. Delete this.

At the time that I’m writing this, @Jackscarlett has already posted a response.

We generally use this channel for scripting help, but we are happy to help either way.

I want to keep the sun but get rid of this.

Try changing the baseplate material.

Unfortunately, unless a part is a mesh part, you do not have as much configurability when it comes to glare.

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Go to lighting and try changing the Technology to Compatibility


I got it figured out! Thank you for all the help!