Help with team create

Hey guys, My friend owns a game on a group and wants to add specific people that are in the group to be able to play but cant do that, he would like to add people in the picture (Masterroshi1200) is his friend and in the group but still cant edit nor play the game

if you guys have any idea on how to fix this please reply!

Your friend may have to publish the place.
I have a solution, check for another reply soon.

he has already published it so dont think that is the case but thanks anyways

Though this solution may not work, it’s still worth a shot.
You could only set it to ‘play’ however, and you have to choose a specific rank.

yeah our group is set there but i wannt specific people to be able to play and no one from the group kind of as testers without giving them special ranks in the group if possible

What is your group name? I would wish to test out something, quickly.

The game is the following Formula 1 2021 Mexico GP (Use the new one!) - Roblox and it is owned by the group