Help with terrain!

It’s me again,
I really need help with my terrain!! It is 10000x10000 and its not publishing! :slightly_frowning_face:

I have concluded that I need to delete the large underground area but because of limits in size it would take ME FOREVER!!

Is there a faster and easier way or am I stuck with endless deleting???

Thats a lot of terrain. Could you add more details on it? Why is it not publishing? Its probably going to take a while or might not even worka t all since its so large


What you could do is clear the terrain and generate that amount with A smaller Y coordinate.

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Honestly, I do not think having terrain that size is necessary unless you plan to use its space. I would recommend generating a lower x and y amount. There is also an option to clear all terrain.
Hope this helps.

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You can try to clear the terrain by opening the Terrain Editor, clicking on the “Create” tab, and clicking “Clear.”

Alternatively you could use the following command line:

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Use the select tool to make a selection box. Resize the selction and the press the Delete button.

ez pz

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Thank you all! (30 Characters)

I believe in this case, the game actually IS publishing. It’s the fact that the terrain is quite large, so if you do publish, try to publish throughout the generating of the terrain to prevent lag, shutdowns, etc.