Help with the animation editor

I assume I can post about animating things here but I am having problems with it.
Only being able to rotate 3 different parts of a rig.
Those parts are the “LeftFoot”, “LowerLeftArm” and “RightHand”
Unless roblox has updated the animation editor in the last 1-2 months I am extremely confused since I remember having full control of being able to animate every body part on my rig.

Here is my rig:

Note: I have used the animation editor many times in the past, I made a few weapon animations.
Here is one of them:

There’s a few things to consider here.

First: Make sure that all the objects that you want to move (such as arms, weapons, etc.) are welded to the rig using a Motor6D.

Second: If an object is not appearing in the animation editor, you can press the plus button to the left of the timeline and click “Add All” to be able to view all of the parts to the rig.

If none of these solutions worked for you, your rig is probably broken.

Let me know if this fixes your problem.

I remade the rig 30-40 mins ago and it works now, should have let you know sooner.
Thank you for the info anyway!