Help with the train base


I need help with vehicles seat, so why the train goes slow by 11 speed for adding 2 vehicles seats? I tried scripting them for the control to be disabled at another end.

Sensor speed
I need help with the script:

    newspeed = 50
script.Parent.Parent.Name = "MaxSpeed"..newspeed
script.Parent.Touched:connect(function (hit)

	VehicleSeat = hit.Parent:findFirstChild("VehicleSeat")
if VehicleSeat then
	VehicleSeat.MaxSpeed = newspeed

It doesn’t work when I add 2 vehicles seats even another end the control is disabled.

I wouldn’t mind to reserve but would be nice it working when there are 2 vehicles seats. :stuck_out_tongue:

Due to having 2 Drivers Seats,there will be 2 peoples that are driving the same train,which affects it a lot,consider trying to delete one of the drivers seats and adding an normal seat(thats only makes you seat,and not control the vehicle)

Okay, thank you for help and I’ll delete 1 so just forwards and reserving. xD