Help with union

Hi there,

I’m trying to implement a window into my wall, however, I’m unsure how I can do this. The window is a model, I cannot make the window a union because I need the glass to be partially transparent.


As you can see, I want to make a whole in the wall to fit the window in, how can I achieve this? It’s just a model that I would like to fit into the wall.

Get a part, duplicate it, then negate one of the two parts to form a union in the wall. Then, use the duplicated part to create the glass in the window.

Oh, and convert your union to a mesh using export as obj. Unions create lag, can corrupt, and are generally very bad.


The lag part is not confirmed but yes they can corrupt and they are not generally bad since you can change the window position by seperating the union but u cant seperate a mesh.