Help With usernames!

Can someone please tell me how to make something like this?


It looks really cool and i want something like this in my Vibe Game!

you gotta use billboard gui and parent it tto the head of player when they join game

Well, if you know how Billboard UI’s work you can detect when a player & character joins the game using a CharacterAdded event

        local GUIClone = game.ReplicatedStorage.Gui:Clone()
        GUIClone.Parent = Character:WaitForChild("Head")

You’ll need to use a billboard gui, then I believe you’ll need to use the marketplaceservice??? to get the rank in the group since it says guest and gets their rank yea yea. Then script a leveling system and a afk system, and ya.

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you need to use GetRankInGroup() function to get the rank and marketplaceservice is for the gamepass and devproducts etc

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Oh, yea I’m not a very good scripter. Thank you for telling me.

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Search up on the DevForum and Toolbox. It’s called an “Overhead GUI”.

You’re misemploying the category. It’s not to be utilized to seek for free scripting services, and merely it’s intended purpose being for assistance with scripting hence why the category is labeled ‘scripting support’.

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that is kinda true tbh he didnt ask to fix his script he just asked how to do

This same question had been answered here

local Owner_Name = "YourUsername" 

local Owner_SideTag = "OWNER" 
local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
function enter(new)
	local gui = script.TextName:Clone()
	local check = game.Workspace:WaitForChild(new.Name)
	if check~=nil then
		local find = check:FindFirstChild("Head")
		if find ~= nil then	
			gui.Parent = find
			gui.Namer.Text = new.Name
			if new.Name == Owner_Name then           
				gui.Namer.TextStrokeColor3 =, 0, 251)--<-------------
					Gold = "255, 191, 0"
					Red = "255, 0, 0"
					Yellow = "4, 255, 0"
					Teal = "0, 251, 255"
					Blue = "0, 25, 255"
					HotPink = "255, 0, 251"

				gui.Namer.Text = Owner_SideTag.." - "..Owner_Name
			elseif Player.Name ~= Owner_Name then
				script.TextName.Namer.Text = (Player.Name.." - ") --idk bro add whatever seperated by ..)

Put your tag system EXACTLY like this in Explorer:

No, you miss understood. I =ve tried already but it failed multiple times thats why im asking for help.