Help with vehicle

Hey, i’ve been working on a new project and i made a bike, but im using a chasis system. I need help figuring out how i can make the pedals and feet move if you hold w, it looks more realistic with that. I don’t know much about lua but I can animate whatever is needed for sure. Aswell as how can i make it where i press space the whole bike comes up as a bunnyhop? hopfully somebody can help me out on this as I don’t know what to do.

(Here is the video if you want to see what it looks like) 2021-07-26 18-48-48


Maybe make a pedaling animation or find one and have it play while the bike is moving. I’m not sure how you would also make the pedals move. Maybe the pedals could have a script that tweens the rotation of them as the bike is moving and have it line up with the speed of the pedaling animation


Ill try that, Ill update you soon when its done. Thanks, not exactly full solution but ill keep it for now

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