Helping new players not get overwhelmed, while providing enough content for older players

So I own a game called “yar” in which you build a boat and navigate through worlds. You obtain new blocks that will be stronger or have special mechanics from a series of boxes

As I create more content there will have to be more and more boxes to keep older players entertained.

The issue?

Having 9 unlockable boxes I feel like could be EXTREMELY overwhelming to newer players. The game was most successful when it had 4 boxes and less content. Average visit time has dropped significantly and I believe part of the focus is that new players aren’t as interested as they used to be.

How can provide tons of blocks, in fewer crates while keeping things simple and easy to understand? Also, could my issue be elsewhere? This is just my opinion on why average visit time fell so much (From 29 minutes to 20) but I’m open to any other opinions on what could have caused these drops.

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The block tiers could be used as a rarity in some sense. You should be able to cover let’s say 3 tiers in one box. The higher tier you can get from the box, the lower probability of getting it. Just randomize the blocks you get. Players should also be able to upgrade a box using a currency, to increase the likelihood of earning a higher rarity item. Not only does this solve the problem of having less boxes, but it also creates a target to earn more currency in order to upgrade box contents. Hope that this suggestion helps.

Thats a great suggestion, only concern is with roblox rules, they seem pretty vague when it comes to what I can display and if I was to do this, items like a “Turret” would only be given out 1 time per purchase, meanwhile a item like “Wood” would be given out 10-50 times. So because the amount of blocks will be random if I do different tiers and not display each block, I wouldn’t be able to show the drop amount of every block. Do you think this is violating the TOS? I mean maybe I can display that somewhere else? Love your suggestion btw

A lot of games run into this issue of too much going on at once, and always solve it by not giving the player all the mechanics at once. You can hide boxes which contain more complex or expensive parts and unveil them as the players hit milestones.

To go into the science of it real quick, studies show that people on average can process about 5 pieces of information simultaneously, more than that and their processing begins to slow down and they feel overwhelmed. This is probably why 4 boxes was your sweet spot, and is probably roughly where new players should be started.

Additionally, players can more easily process large amounts of information when it is divided up for them. Arranging it so it looks like 3 sets of 3 boxes is easier on the brain than 1 set of 9 boxes.

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As it’s set up right now most of these boxes are locked until a player reaches a specific level. Now, would it be better to hide the boxes completely until they reach a higher level? Or should I just do less overall boxes

Possibly both. @Whimzer 's idea of upgrading boxes definitely helps condense the system into a smaller space, and hiding some boxes adds a sense of “wow this game is throwing extra content at me even though I was content thinking this is all there was to it”. So there’s definitely a balancing act here in regards to how many boxes you want, since there’s benefits on either end of the scale (5-6 probably being the neutral ground on that scale).

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Let me understand pls, thx: Do you want to know how do you want to keep players and prevent to lose them because of the crates? I didnt understand correctly…

I want to know how I can provide enough content for older players while not overwhelming new ones in the systems I’ve set up

You can easily give content for newer and older players.

Want to share how I’d easily do this then?

You can only create new content, don’t needed to be unique: Golden block, Pipe, Particles, Etc.