Hey, can someone help me with this textlabel? My script isn't working

Hey, community.

I’m currently working on an administrator panel for my game. Included inside this panel is a text label that says “Console Owner || USER.” When trying to script the function for that text label I’m getting errors. I’d like some help fixing this issue/error.

I’ll include some pictures below of scripts, the GUI, my workspace, and my F9 page.





F9 Console

Thanks for helping, Oliver.

[P.S. If you’d like me to include anything in a comment below just ask.]

Maybe the GUI is not already loaded when you are trying to edit it.
And maybe .. Player, is an instance and not a string that can be used on a text label

Try to check that the player is already loaded, and WaitForChild when looking for the GUI, and change to , Player

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Alright, I delayed it and it sort of worked but not really.

I’ve added a wati(2) function before the script is ran but now I get this error.

Try using WaitForChild, since the player just joined the guis may not have been put in his playergui before the function runs.

Player.PlayerGui:WaitForChild("Console").Player.Text etc

If it says Console.Player doesn’t exist you can try using Wait for child for that too

Do … Player.Name instead of just Player.

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its the thing I told you about .. Player

You are using an instance and not a string. Try to change to

Player.Name which is a string, or instead of using the 2 periods, use a coma ,

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