Hey, I am New To The DevForum, Can You Give Me Feedback On My New Game?

Hey everyone, I just got accepted in the DevForum and this is my first post! I am a developer and this is one of my last games: Cross The Street - Roblox Can you give me feedback and report any bugs?


the cars going on backwards looks mad weird also I think it was stage 3 and 4 are more difficult than 5 and 6

Bug report: whenever I go back to a spawn let’s say I finished stage 6 but when I go back to stage 5 I am spawned there whenever I die ( I mean its not really a big deal maybe for some of yal cause who even wanna go back to a level lol)

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Sorry if it seems nit-picky or mean! But…

  1. Too much blood on the guy, a bit excessive
  2. The logo could use some work. (Also the logo uses comic sans, instant 0/10 <Joking )
  3. Cars move backwards you should turn the cars for consistency with the animations.
  4. Could add ragdolls like in the thumbnail.
  5. Cars could have a bit more variety with color.
  6. Spawn locations are off centered and should be consistent with the style of the game.
  7. The trees, signs and roads are free models making it look unprofessional
  8. The graphics should go for a cartoony style rather than a more realistic style, it’s better for performance and it would look more visually appealing.
  9. A guy mentioned in the game while playing that you can bypass all the levels by going to a specific area, add barriers or invisible walls to avoid that from happening.
  10. The lack of ambience, or sounds for collecting those orbs, or for the cars, besides the walking sounds, the lack of sounds make it feel empty, add a bit more life to it.
  11. I’m not sure if it’s intentional but the sizes for walls with and without tunnels are inconsistent.
  12. The collision for the tunnels are off, you can go through the tunnels and just avoid the game and win automatically

It’s a very simple game… Avoiding cars is easy. Also, I don’t quite understand why there are coins that I can’t use anywhere

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I will add a shop GUI in a few days. Remember that this game is really new

Thanks for the feedback, remember that the game is new, I will fix all the bugs, I was thinking of making a secret badge you win when you go into the tunnels… But if you can I would like you to tell me how to make the cars go through the tunnels and not the people?

The concept is good, however the execution could use some work. Here are some major things I found that might need to be changed:

  1. I can jump over the cars. I would recommend making it so the player can’t jump, or making the cars bigger.

  2. You can go through the tunnel and reach the outside of the map and basically bypass every single level and get to the end. I’m guessing you did this so that the cars could actually get into the tunnel. Instead of making the tunnel’s cancollide equal false, I would make the car’s cancollide equal false.

  3. Each stage feels the exact same. Try to add more variety and make it more difficult as the game goes on. The last stage wasn’t challenging at all as there were only a few cars, and all I had to do was jump to avoid them.

There are some minor building and aesthetics that could be improved as well, like the map quality and adding sounds and such, but the three points I highlighted above should definitely be addressed. Overall, a really nice concept, just needs to be polished a bit more!

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what do you mean by "just got accepted to the devforum?

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  1. Ok, I will make the players not being able to jump, this is kinda easy
  2. Haha, wow, great idea!
  3. Yeah, i was planing to make a lot of stages, so they dont have many differences

Overall, it’s not a horrible game. I suggest fixing the backwards car thing, but I can see what you wanted to, in a way. Is there music in the game? I didn’t have my sound up. I suggest adding arrows so the players don’t go the opposite way when they get hit by a car. Other than that, it’s not bad. Nice.

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You know… being able to make new posts… I didn’t know how to say that

Ok, it will take me some time to make the backwards car thing, today I will add some sound (I forgot to do that cause I always have my sound turned off when I play games) and I will also fix what @1Urge told me to

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no, stages 3 and 4 aren’t harder than stages 5 and 5. If you haven’t noticed, stages five and six are bigger, there are two roads to cross.

Cool game idea!

I would suggest making the game harder because I completed the game in 2-3 minutes without even dying.
The game looks repetitive. [Make every stage different]
And you can skip the entire game by going in to the tunnels.

Sounds good. Another suggestion, add some car noises when a car passes the player. It’ll make it sound realistic yknow. Good luck :+1:t3:

yeah, the staegs are easy beacause i am planning to make a lot of them

Hey, I fixed the two first problems, the third will take some time

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I think he means from like going from a guest (not able to post) to a member, which is able to post.

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yeah, exactly, thats what I meant

@1Urge Hey, for me I couldn’t jump over the cars… So I made it so that the player can jump, I also added one more stage… can you tell me what you think? Should I continue and make more stages like that?