Hey I just made a horror game from a game I saw on steam a while back any beta testers?

The game is called a silly little game I’m not going to give much details because I want your honest first impressions and if your stuck if I need more player direction etc.



If possible, i want to be a beta tester please


Nevermind, im mobile so sadly it’s not possible for me

I might make mobile support since its a very simple just click game

but I would have no idea where to start

actually let me turn on mobile support and test

Ok, thanks for your fast reply!

awww naw it wont work the physics system doesn’t recognize phone input but I may fix it and it seems the flashlight needs more brightness on mobile.

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Don’t stress, its not a problem for me

alright ill fix it when I can and respond to you here

oh yikes yeah its too complex for me hahaha so idk if I can do it but ill look into it!

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yeah i dont do well with horror games like that. sorry.

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thats okay! I like your hat! Thanks for feedback.

Hey, nice horror game you have there.

But, I was stuck in the chair at first, then suddenly died like 5 seconds right away.

While I was stuck, I manage to move my camera around at least, and my first impression was good since it looks well made.

You should consider making “jump” possible in the game, and it takes 10 seconds for the “monster” to spawn.

the entire game is your supposed to be stuck in the chair and not allowed to move the fridge moves towards you once you look away from it. I should maybe put that in the bio


I was confused at the part where you mentioned

I thought we were supposed to let you know that.

But thank you so much for clarifying that!

I now understand, and the game you made makes much more sense now. Awesome job!

Hahah thanks I meant like stuck like you dont know what to do because ill admit the game idea is weird but its based off a game called “Dont take your eyes off of the red fridge.”

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Looks good! The jumpscare got me :upside_down_face:.

Edit: I would suggest removing the force-field at the beginning. It doesn’t really fit in my opinion.

Hello I can be a beta tester!!!

just click the game and test it out and tell me what you think!