Hey i'm ScriptingCh1cken and i am scripting for free i'm bored

i can script good.
contact me @SDGenesis#0001 or on devforum.
free for now im just bored


Hi what are you best at scripting

Yeah I want to know that too lol

basically anything except for AI’s and guns

ok also can u make gfx uis? or u just script

ok well can i have a gamepass script? like were u put in the id code and when u touch or click the object a thing will come up saying purchese? and can u do a script that is when u buy the gamepass u get the item. Thnaks so much!

well if you send me the game yeah

ok all i want is the scripts can u send them here?

well, no because I need to know what the parts are called and I need to do a bunch of stuff in game.

Ok well can I’ll tell u to marrow the

Could you make a car purchase and car trade gui. No pressure though. Thanks