Hey testers! Please share your thoughts on my new game Tokyo Vibe

Hello fellow developers. I am currently in the midst of beginning marketing for my new vibe game; Tokyo Vibe. I need some feedback on what I have so far, what I should add, and the best way to approach marketing in a game like this. Anything helps! Thank you very much!

Here is the link:


Hello @dxwsxn.

Next time, please describe your goals for this game and explain it so we can test it properly.

The gear shop cannot be closed therefore I had to reset.

The game has no explanation, is confusing and you cannot do anything.

The level system is not explained, animations are paid for and much more.

Can you respond with explanations of this then you should plan the game to see how new players can play it easily.

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I’m not one for these hangout game types, but this one is really cool! Although I do not understand why you have to pay for animations.

Feels more like a showcase than a vibe/hangout game. I personally don’t find appeal to these types of games but I guess each to their own. It feels quite empty as well.

The main issue was that as I walked around, I had two UI on my screen that wouldn’t go away no matter what.

i am kinda good at testing
imma try to test the game and tell you the bugs or glitches

:slightly_smiling_face:fix the laggg my pc will distroy bc i.m Potato pc

there’s no lag, maybe the problem is in your pc

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Alright I will try to debug that.

There is a welcome type of ui that shows what it is about. I will add more information to it.

I think that I will add a tutorial ui or something like that. The animations are paid due TO monetization. I only have 5 sources of monetization while many other vibe games have much more.

I tested with an 8 year old and an i3 macbook laptop from 2011. They both runned fine 30-45 ish fps. I think it is an issue with your computer.

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Monetization to be honest. We also don’t have a ton of other sources of it.