Hey there im trying to make a plot system i have diffculties tho

So basically I want to Save whatever the player builds into datastore but idk how to do that can anyone help me its basically like BloxBurg but yeah I want to make it so they can load their house or whatever. Thank You!

You could save the parts’ CFrame or Vector3 values. Not sure how @Coeptus would’ve done it though.

Maybe like loop through every part then have a table that saves a dictionary of the parts info then save it in data store


local parts = {
    --[Object] = {    --- EXAMPLE
    --    CFrame = CFrame.new(),
    --    Transparency = 0,
    --    CanCollidde = true,
    --    Material = Enum.Material.SmoothPlastic,
    --    -- etc

for i, v in pairs(PLOT:GetDescendants()) do
    if parts[v] == nil then
        parts[v] = {       ---- addding the infos
            CFrame = v.CFrame,
            Transparency = v.Transparency,
            CanCollide = v.CanCollidde,
            Material = v.Material,

then after you’ve saved it in the data store and you want to load it in, you’d get the info from the data store which should return a table that you saved then loop through it then create a new part then place it according to the info you saved (if the table is nil, it means nothing saved)

For example, if you loaded it in:

local saved = {} -- replace this with the data you got from the datastore

if saved ~= nil then
    for i, v in pairs(saved) do
        if v then -- to be honest, i dont really use datastores much so i dont know if this would return the dictionary
            local new = Instance.new("Part", workspace)
            new.Anchored = true
            new.CanCollide = v["CanCollide"]
            new.Material = v["Material"]
            new.CFrame = v["CFrame"]
            new.Transparency = v["Transparency"]
    print("nothing saved")

could u please do it for me i would pay u some robux i have