Hi! Upcoming developer and would love to enquire about stopping exploiting


I would love to know how exploiting clients such as SYNAPSE can be halted.
I couldn’t find any resources on how to prevent these certain complex clients, furthermore how all the top page games quickly respond and stop these clients as I barely see the exploitation happening in those series of games.

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actually i think you all need to do is secure remote events its ez

Do not empower the client and you should be safe. From what I learned, having checks in the server side for things such as remote events will make it hard for exploiters to take advantage over the game.


Your answer isn’t detailed. You’re just confusing them.

For the OP, there isn’t an exact way to secure your game. The only way to secure it is how your game works. You have to do sanity checks a lot. Remote events can be a tool for hackers to hack the game, but it won’t if you know how to secure it.

There are some exploits that are pretty much impossible to be patched, such as speed hacks, fly hacks and no-clips, this is because these hacks involves the exploiter’s character, and Roblox by default will give full ownership on calculating physics of the player’s character to respective players.


how ??? secure remote event

You just said securing remote event, but you don’t explain how to do it.

For the OP, you could always check if the player that fired the remote event is valid for firing this remote event or not. If not, return nothing.


i said method i dont rlly wanna spoonfeed tbh

Yes that is true but there are other complex exploiting scripts that I can’t find a way to bypass. Do you have any advice for avoiding those aswell?

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You can’t halt hacks, but you can take measures to reduce the amount of hackers that succeed.

  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS make decisions on the server.
  • Instead of letting the client say to the server, “I can do this”, make it say “Can I do this?”
  • Use things like keys to verify transactions between server and client.

It makes a ton of sense and thanks for going through it for me

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