HiddenKaiser - ( Scripter / Programmer )

I do not accept requests anymore, not doing public work (with some exceptions of trustable 10k+ groups). Please stop dming me.

If you are looking for my discord for other reasons, please contact HiddenKaiser#0001

Discord Link: http://discord.com/users/224943731692797953

Old Portfolio

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I’m an advanced scripter who can do pretty much anything you can throw at me. I have been scripting since mid-2016 and I’m very happy I have had a chance to be a developer on this platform.

Group Work

I am an ex Official scripter for Swift’s SCPF with 25k members: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4272948/S-C-P-F#!/about
Annotation 2020-02-08 134227

I used to work for “Banners and Blades” (UndoneBuilder): https://www.roblox.com/groups/3751486/Banners-And-Blades#!/about

I used to work for UHD, an 10K group when I was around, though the group died: https://www.roblox.com/groups/2711607/The-United-Human-Dominion#!/about --Scammers too.

I also work for Planeflynatic29, here’s the site we’re working on:

Games or Items I Have Scripted for Groups.

Game Work

I also did this as a side project because I was bored (around when i started to get semi-competent at scripting so bad):

Heres another game I worked on: https://www.roblox.com/games/2964544399/1187-Ibelin-DESC

Full Game Projects I Made or Helped Make.


Pathfinding: https://gyazo.com/0b8becc6c6c56fa89b30c5e9d6b79530 --Note I used a module I made so it was one line to call it.

Moving Pathfinding (with loot and attacking) with almost no lag: https://www.roblox.com/games/3317694393/AI-Pathfinding

FPS Mechs: https://gyazo.com/33280ab0854298d932c34e2a8b39288f Just a small project (Thats the owner of UHD sold without consent of any devs mind you)

SCP 999 for Swift’s SCPF (it plays, it cuddles, but most importantly, its cute as hell:

NPC Scripting I Have Done


Projectile Guns: – I’m proud of this
https://www.roblox.com/games/3254905337/R15-Projectile-Guns \ 14.9K R$, 29.99$ USD

Swords: https://www.roblox.com/games/3157873827/Sword \ 8K R$, 14.99$ USD

Weaponry I have Scripted In The Past


Matchmaking: https://gyazo.com/a2740d7ebada7d271f175cd130b62791

UI I Have Scripted In the Past


Door system with “inverse kinematics” (auto detects rig type and client tweened ofc)
R15: https://streamable.com/s/9ifqs/llkdoq
R6: https://streamable.com/s/9ifqs/extjzb



Real time bubble chat translation (Delay is just from discord)

Scripts such as chunk loaders, real time translation, ect

I’m looking for jobs 10k+ R$ or 50+ USD. I require down-payment of at least 10%. Asides from downpayment you can pay per job.

After you have met these requirements read below.


You can contact me by discord @ HiddenKaiser#0001 or on here. I also have a twitter, HiddenKaiserDEV

Any past employers feel free to leave feedback!


May I ask why your former “employers” rate and you 5.25% as of now?

I literally have never worked for any of them so I have no idea why they are voting

If you fail to satisfy your clients, remove the poll; they are (according to you) rigged, since you’ve never worked for them.

Your work may be underwhelming, or maybe you have gained a negative reputation I am unaware of…?

I literally put this up today and I think people are just randomly voting. Removed the poll

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If I may make a recommendation for ratings. You might be better off having former employers manually rate you on a scale of your choosing (1-10, 1-5, A-F, etc.). That would prevent randoms from unjustly influencing the votes. One thing to keep in mind, as Flammable briefly glided over, if you fail to satisfy clients, some may leave scathing reviews. Of course, the opposite could occur and you find welcome praise. Or something in-between the two. So be prepared for total honesty.

As for your portfolio itself, you have some really promising examples here, but I would recommend resorting and organizing how you display them so that readers can check them out by category, rather than by project. Medieval weapons, modern weapons, npcs, would be categories that might make things a little more presentable. Additionally, taking gifs/videos/pictures of some of the places/groups you listed would be beneficial as it would help us check out your work quicker, rather than having to visit a half dozen places and figure out what you contributed at each example. Overall it’s really nice work. You, like all devs, can always improve and we’re here to help you where we can.

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Thank you so much for this suggestion, after 2 weeks I finally got a lot of it organized. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

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Please leave any feedback on my portfolio here. Please also be constructive in any criticism. For example, don’t just write; “that scripting was really bad on that one game”, please be more like; “Hey, you could replace the use of CFrame with tweening service in that one game.” Thank you everyone for the feedback.

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I like your work, and you look like a very promising scripter on your way to getting even better. But I noticed that while many of your works are good and on their way, but you don’t complete it that well. They are flawed and buggy. And for this reason, I think you are honestly charging too much for work you are not polishing well.

Once again, you have very promising work, but you need to polish things more. For example your projectile guns. They are 80% good, but you just left the other 20%. It really looked like it was on its way to being really awesome, but you left it at glitchy arms and sometimes shooting through your self.

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I have been looking for a scripter for a new game I am developing and would love to talk to you more about it to see if you are interested. I contacted you on discord so we can hopefully further converse about this project!
my discord is Iconic#4854