HiddenSavageYT | Programmer/Builder/GFX/UI

Greetings Everyone! I’m HiddenSavageYT , and I’m primarily a Roblox Programmer/Scripter, who’s also got experience in Animation, Building, UI Design, and GFX! I’ve been on the platform since 2017 and started developing in 2019! I specialize specifically in tasks that require starter-professional level Scripts/Programming which require more input and dedication than most work in my main field of specialties. I have a deep passion for all of my talents and they’re skills that I hold dear as they are quite the accomplishment. I’m additionally a person who strives to put out the best content to my ability and will not sacrifice quality for anything other than higher quality. I’m also decently active on the Developer Forum!

Below you will find my works of which I feel the most accomplished! The work below is split into categories according to what field of game development, and then by the size of the project.


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Jack O Chica #1

Jack O Chica #2

Jack O Chica #3

Jack O Chica #4

Jack O Chica Jumpscare


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Guitar Pedal:

Wooden Chair:

Small Shack:

Small Food Booth:


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UI Designs
Small Package

Simple UI Daily Shop Design:

Medium Package

Simple Simulator UI Design:

Large Package

Red Modernish Jail / Roman Gladiator UI:


FNaF : SR Curse of Dreadbear:

Project Lazarus (Made from what I remembered of it using my avatar):


FNaF : SR Curse of Dreadbear:


FNaF : SR Curse of Dreadbear:

I am unavailable for long-term projects. However, I am available for Part-Time projects and Commissions. Due to school and life events, I do not have a set schedule that is set into stone- although these should not hinder the availability or completion of a request.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Availability: Open for Commissions

:exclamation: PLEASE READ BEFORE HIRING ME! :exclamation:

Terms Of Service
  • I will not take percentages as payment
  • I will not supply refunds
  • I have the right to deny or cancel an order with reason.
  • I will get a 25% down payment before starting the commission in order to provide proof that you’re not just trying to get a freebie.
  • You must pay me the other 25% to equal 50% before I give you your order and supply proof of payment.
  • Once I give you your order and you’re satisfied, you must pay me the final 50%.
  • You must pay a 30% tax if you are paying me with Gamepasses.

All prices are negotiables, so feel free to discuss this with me!
My prices are heavily influenced on the scale of the order and what type of order it is (Scripting/Programming, Animation, Building, UI, or GFX).

  • Minimum price of 500 Robux.

  • I am only accepting Robux payments in the form of Gamepasses, Group Funds, and PayPal.

:exclamation: Before contacting me, please know that I do not accept requests from people other than serious dealers. :exclamation:

Please note, that the best way for me to accurately bring to reality whatever you order- I ask you to send a short summary of the project and what’d you like for me to do, along with some reference images and examples. I try to answer almost every message I get, so feel free to ask or discuss a matter with me!

The best way to reach me is through these platforms with my contact(s):

Developer-Forum: HiddenSavageYT

Discord: Foxarocious#5401

Twitter: FoxarociousProd


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